Support to find peace within

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If you saw the beauty
of your true nature
you would be completely amazed. 

Who you are contains
all the wisdom, freedom
truth, love and empathy in the universe.
Isn’t that the place to be?
Do you remember yourself?

Sometimes all of us feel small and helpless, it is ok. If you long for support to look inwards and to fully face and embrace yourself. All of you, the traumas, the shadows and the inner child, whatever that’ll show up within you. If you need someone to meet you with kindness, compassion and allowance until that is how you can be with yourself, I am happy to be there with you on your journey, to be present with you, to hold your hand.

If you have tried all external methods to be happy and you have searched enough outwards, if you are deeply longing to come home I am so happy to offer you guidance. If unconditional love and compassion is what you want I will guide you to your own heart-presence where love is ever present. If freedom, silence, peace and wisdom is what you want I am happy to guide to your inmost Self where you are ever present.

Once a young woman came to Hafiz and said,
“What is a sign of someone knowing God?”
And Hafiz became very quiet, and stood silent
for nearly a minute…lovingly looking deep into
the young woman’s eye, then softly spoke:
“My dear, they have dropped the knife. The
person who knows God has dropped the cruel knife
most often used upon their tender Self – and others”



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