Heal naturally

budda in grass This site is made with heartfelt dedication to help people suffering autoimmune disease out there. The numbers of sick people are increasing rapidly. I am one of those. Im happy I found healthy solutions to heal myself. The good news is that you can heal autoimmune disease (including lyme). At the least live with it without suffering it most of the time. You can enjoy a normal life. I have discovered how in healing myself from it and following others on internet who have successfully healed various autoimmune diseases. Near and dear and people on the net. What I have taken a note on and discovered is that you need to include two important paths to truly heal it. First one is you need to eat well (whole foods, plant-based, medicinal herbs etc.). Second path is that you might need to heal emotionally, stored traumas and other painful events that trigger you today. What has helped me is to look into who I truly am through self inquiry.

I will share tips for you how to heal your body and also how to connect with your true self. Both is needed to be living a normal life again. And if you have suffered autoimmune disease you know what I am talking about. You are basically down on your knees feeling like you can not function in a normal way anymore. It is life changing and very painful. But like with every thing that almost break us it can also make us wiser and stronger, if we wish to. Important note: I am not discarding traditional medicin. If you get a tumor I would encourage surgery to remove it for example.

örter When I got sick I was emotionally in a very, very good place but I did not ever take good care of my beautiful temple, my body. And I sometimes meet people who take good care of their body but have a lot of stored trauma and therefore end up in a painful, sick and hurting body. We all want be free and at peace in a healthy body. For some, like me I will never settle for less than a healthy body no matter how many relapses or painful experiences. how about you and how about looking in to it now?

Lots of Love!



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